Construction Edit

Euclid discovers that flowers can be constructed from petals:

SLOW DOLLY IN to Euclid. He is quickly and purposefully assembling SOMETHING, connecting tens of Petals. 
We pass everyone until he is the only one in frame. The chatter in the room slowly disappears. SLOW DOLLY OUT from Euclid, 
revealing that the other kids are now turned towards Euclid, silent. He continues working. THE PETAL ASSEMBLY is 
cylinder-shaped and from above looks like it has spokes like a bicycle wheel. When Euclid connects the last Petal, 
the "spokes" turn in with a jolt directly towards the center. This is a FLOWER.


The flowers appear to have varying sizes. Various Flowers attached together form what is called a Flower_Limb.

It also seems that combining a Flower with several starbursts creates a hand.

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