This is my attempt to divide up the plot. The screenplay has a total of 368 Scenes, but these can be very clearly divided up.

Car Crash Edit

Scene 1-2 : Car Crash Scene Edit

The Adults Story Edit

Scene 3 - 119: Acre's Story Edit

Scene 3 - 41: Acre discovers the Starburst Edit

Scene 42 - 47: Acre gets job at Brighter Decade Advocacy Group Edit

Scene 48 - 71: We meet Amanda, who is Introduced to Acre's Starburst discovery Edit

Scene 72 -74: We are introduced to Caroll & Eric, who has also discovered Starbursts, which they refer to as Glints. Edit

Scene 75-86: Acre creates recordings of Ocean Waves Crashing (75), Stadium (76), Traffic flowing over a bridge (78), A river flowing (80), Thunder (81), A screen door slamming (82) Edit

Scene 87-93 - Airport Scene / Waveform analysis Matching Edit

Scene 94 -96: Thermos Experiments

Scene 97 - 107 : Mountain Scenes / Cessna Crash / Skeleton Edit

Scene 108-110: Council Scenes Edit

Scene 111- 117: Arctlc Ice Breaker / Apologue demonstrations Edit

Scene 118: Curved Amber Plate presentation to City Council members / Hexagon Shapes Edit

Scene 119: Acre's Starburst photos arranged into a Mosaic Edit

The Children's Story Edit

Scene 120-367: The Children's Story Edit

Scene 120-124: Introduction to the Maker / Funnel / Flat Disc Edit

Scene 125-127: George plays with what we later learn is a Controller Edit

Scene 128-139 : We learn that the Flat Disc to Funnel transformation is so strong it will break anything it's wedged within Edit

Scene 140-144: Funnel stacks are created & Launched Edit

Scene 145-146: Carter discovers the purpose of the Controller disc Edit

Scene 147-149: Euclid teaches Vaughn & Albert how to use the Maker Edit

Scene 150-152: Euclid discovers that funnel stacks can be launched via Voice Command Edit

Scene 153-155: The boys examine the funnel material using an OHP Edit

Scene 156-165 : The boys break a Flat Disc using the Crane and Tractor Edit

Scene 166 - 169 : Disposal of broken Flat Disc Edit

Scene 170 -173: Javier makes a tape recording of Albert & George's voice commands Edit

Scene 174: Vaughn & Graham discuss what might power the maker Edit

Scene 175- 179: Marcus & Euclid discover how to create Petals Edit

Scene 180 - The boys have to pay for the mailbox destroyed in Scenes 128-139 Edit

Scene 181: Javier creates a cassette containing a sequence of voice commands Edit

182-191 : The maker runs out of fuel / funnels become sparse and more expensive Edit

192-194 : Hector creates a tube shape using flowers. Edit

Euclid masters the PETAL ASSEMBLY which becomes known as a flower. By inserting flowers (which are like tubes), this becomes known a a flower limb. Marcus reveals he knows how to feed the maker and devises a rota. The flower limb is revealed to be moving of it's own accord. Edit

195: Olivia takes a funnel Edit

196-199: Javier demonstrates getting a chair to walk Edit

...on Funnel-stacks attached to a stool using an edited tape recording of voice commands Edit

200-202: The Chorus is introduced for the first time Edit

....controlled presumably by Vaugh's necklace of controllers, rather than by Voice Commands. Graham reveals a knee-piece made of flowers. Edit

203-206: It's revealed that the kids are now paying each other to use the maker. Edit

Hints are dropped regarding the sawdust.

207: Euclid demonstrates that his Plywood Chorus cannot be knocked over. Edit

208 - 214: The boys discover the alternating petal color design Edit

...makes more agile creatures

215-220: The chorus starts farming a farms an 8-slit frond Edit

221: The boys discover the circle frond inside the Maker / Governor, and connect the Circle Frond & 8-Slit Front together. Edit

222-235: The boys create hands from Starbursts and Flowers. First 8 finger hands, then five finger hands. Discarded fingers are tossed down the hole. Edit

236 -239 : The choruses and fronds vanish. Euclid makes a bloody cup. Edit

240: The boys find the choruses and Fronds. Carter and Euclid discover the third frond. Edit

241 - 253: Choruses are fed wrong Edit

Marcus dismisses the need for sawdust and fills the maker with detritus from an orange bucket. This fires up the maker and makes it perform faster. By 247, the mahogany chorus has doubled in size and become more agile. The chorus shows an interest in collecting decayed funnels, which it grinds and feeds the circle frond with. The chorus becomes harder to control and more focussed on collecting discarded funnels.

254 -264 The Plywood chorus attacks Marcus & Javier, and escapes (256). Edit

We see that Olivia has been attached for her funnels, by the Plywood Chorus, who later deposits bloody funnels into the Circle Frond. Euclid returns the circle frond into the governor and they dispose the Mahogony Chorus, Plywood Chorus and the Maker, all down the BIG HOLE.

265-278 : The maker returns Edit

By 274, it is revealed that Graham & Samuel have the two fronds and the maker and are using it again to create flat discs, funnels and flowers. Carter, Graham & Samuel get back into building. By 278 it's revealed that the choruses hand has an advanced level of dexterity.

279-282: Frond three Edit

Carter reveals the third frond, which it is revealed, produces ANGULAR BOWLS, known as PLATES. Six handle-shapes, made out of flowers, are attached to the PLATE. In attaching handle six, the plate finally comes away from the third frond. They make three PLATES and attach them to a chorus. When attached, the PLATE leaves behind a TUBE. The chorus builds a platform going up a cliff using the TUBES. Euclid & Carter decide to scale the platform.

The three fronds are shown to be connected and growing between them is a Hexagon.

283 - windy Flume Edit

Euclid & Carter find themselves outside a windy FLUME, which is cold inside. It is revealed later that it was built by the Chorus.

284 - Hexagon Growth Edit

The hexagon is revealed to have doubled in size

285 - 293 : More Flume Building Edit

A chorus starts building another Flume. Out of nowhere, two previously unseen Ape choruses appear. The two apes connect themselves to the Circle Frond. The apes and choruses fight. The apes lose the frond. Graham & Samuel take the Frond into the flume. Euclid finds himself in the flume fighting an ape. Left ape gets jammed in the flume. A 6 foot BLACK SPHERE appears around the trapped limb and cause explosions that eventually destroy the trapped apes.

294-295 - New Choruses Built Badly Edit

It is revealed that Hector has unsuccessfully tried to create choruses in a new way, but failed.

296 -297: The Break in Edit

Euclid, Graham & Carter break into Albert's barn by wedging a limb in the door and then controlling it to break the barn door open. Marcus, from a distance, watches Euclid release a chorus from a cage. Marcus gets the chorus to attack Euclid and Graham.

298 - 299: Ape Bits Edit

Samuel, Carter, Euclid & Graham collect discarded pieces of Ape from the Flume area. Carters damaged chorus takes collected limbs and puts them in a shaft.

300 - New Circle Frond appears. Edit

Graham & Samuel reveal that the hexagon has transformed into a new Circle Frond. They hide it in a cave under a blanket.

George & Graham, who have the original Circle Frond (with an Apes arm still attached) believe the original frond to be broken.

301 - Arguments Edit

The group seems to have split into:

  • Marcus & Javier (GRP1)
  • Carter, Euclid, Graham, Vaughn, George (GRP2)

After an argument, Marcus threatens to never refill the maker.

Carter asks Euclid if he thinks they can work out how to feed the maker, but E doesn't think he can.

302 - 305: Empty Frond Edit

GRP2 still have the Original Circle frond, but it's empty. Carter puts the frond in a metal box (not the Governor) and locks it. The boys devise a system to securely transfer the frond via a messenger who is trusted by neither the sender nor the recipient (a simple demonstration of "three-pass" cryptography).

306-310: Cylinder Edit

GRP2 rifle through the ape pieces until they find and break open a Cylinder - they become surprised by what they see.

311 - 314 Collecting the governor Edit

Euclid & Samuel are at the big hole, which now appears to have  RAILINGS and SCAFFOLDING, allowing you to climb up and down it. They go down to retrieve the Governor. By 313, Albert apologises to Euclid for stealing the Frond. In 314 they build an Ape-Chorus hybrid. The controllers return to the cylinder and it snaps shut.

315 - 318: Hybrid chorus is demonstrated. Edit

Another group that created the ape choruses is revealed.

Carter reveals a set of photos showing PHOTO: We see one LARGE TENT in the middle and SEVERAL SMALLER TENTS surrounding it. CAMPERS walk to and fro. PHOTO: CHORUS APES return from the outskirts in pairs and are directed by Campers into a PEN where ANOTHER 20 are kept.

319-323: Tunnel building Edit

The boys, assisted by many choruses, build a large circular tunnel in the earth. The tunnel is filled with Flumes. The boys are seen producing from several sets of fronds. They create a chorus with powerful limbs. Albert, Hector and Graham harvest another Circle Frond. Graham reveals that the other group's Choruses didn't have plates.

Hector suggests they can use the third frond as a bargaining tool, reasoning that as they don't have plates, they don't have the third frond.

324: Entering gbpa camp Edit

Samuel enters the enemy camp, and manages to enter by completing the four hexagon code in sand, turning "o o o o" into "g b p a". A big battle commences in which the kids mostly beat the other group and their apes into submission, except for Carter, who gets killed by an ape in scene 345. Euclid submits his controller to the other group at this point, shouting "Take it".

348: Euclid is dragged away by a large chorus. Edit

The circle recedes far behind them. The adults are still corralled by Choruses. The BLACK SPHERES have begun to shake the ground and BLOW UP LARGE CHUNKS of earth all along the perimeter.
PAN OVER TO THE CIRCLE: We hear the tiny dull thuds of the Black Spheres far off, like watching a firefight from a mile away. Then the circle BLOWS COMPLETELY. In an instant, everything inside it is expelled and then brought back with the force of a small nuclear bomb.

Euclid sees the whole scene in a state of suspended animation.

351: The survivors are revealed as: Edit

Euclid, Albert, Graham, Vaughn, Hector, George, and Javier

Who have built a dragon chorus.

The Big Reveal Edit

Scene 368: The Big Reveal Edit

We see many destroyed worlds covered in Flumes, all inhabited by different chorus creatures.